Nike Crater Impact Review

The Nike Crater Impact is a lifestyle sneaker designed for everyday wear with a focus on sustainability. Made with at least 25% recycled materials, the Crater Impact boasts a casual aesthetic while incorporating Nike’s signature comfort technology. Let’s delve into the shoe’s pros and cons to see if it lives up to its eco-friendly and comfort-driven claims.

Pros of Nike Crater Impact:

  • Sustainable Materials: As highlighted, the Crater Impact is comprised of at least 25% recycled materials, including the Crater foam midsole which utilizes leftover manufacturing scraps. This eco-conscious design appeals to those who prioritize sustainability in their footwear choices.
  • Lightweight Comfort: The Crater foam midsole offers a surprisingly lightweight feel despite its chunky appearance. The breathable mesh upper further enhances comfort for casual wear throughout the day.
  • True-to-Size Fit: Reviewers generally agree that the Crater Impact fits true to size, making the online ordering process hassle-free.
  • Stylish Design: The Crater Impact comes in a variety of vibrant colorways, allowing for easy integration into various casual outfits.

Cons of Nike Crater Impact:

  • Support Concerns: While comfortable for everyday wear, the Crater Impact lacks the robust support structure found in performance sneakers. This might be a drawback for those seeking a shoe for activities requiring additional stability.
  • Limited Responsiveness: The Crater foam midsole prioritizes comfort over responsiveness. Runners or those seeking a highly responsive shoe for workouts might find the Crater Impact lacking in this area.
  • Durability Questions: Some reviewers expressed concerns about the long-term durability of the recycled materials, particularly the outsole. Time will tell how well the Crater Impact holds up with regular wear.


The Nike Crater Impact is a compelling choice for those seeking a stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly sneaker for everyday wear. Its lightweight design and breathable upper make it ideal for casual outings and errands. However, those requiring a shoe for workouts or activities demanding significant support might want to consider a different option. Ultimately, the Crater Impact caters to a specific niche, offering a blend of sustainability, comfort, and style for casual wear.

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