Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium

Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium Review

The Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium is a lifestyle sneaker that builds upon the legacy of the classic Huarache silhouette with a focus on comfort and sustainable materials. This review will explore the shoe’s design, comfort, performance, and eco-friendly aspects to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Pros of Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium:

  • Comfort: The Air Huarache Crater Premium is renowned for its exceptional comfort. The neoprene bootie construction and plush midsole provide a snug, sock-like fit that molds to your foot.
  • Style: This shoe offers a distinctive look that blends classic elements with modern materials. The neoprene bootie and exposed heel cage create a unique aesthetic, while the variety of colorways allows for easy personalization.
  • Sustainability: The Crater foam midsole is made from recycled materials, making this shoe a more eco-conscious choice.

Cons of Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium:

  • Support: While comfortable, the Huarache design may not offer the same level of ankle support as some other sneakers. This might not be ideal for activities requiring frequent sharp turns or lateral movements.
  • Breathability: The neoprene bootie can trap heat, making the shoe less breathable than some other options. This could be a drawback for wear in hot weather.
  • Price: The Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium falls in the mid-tier price range for sneakers. However, some consumers may find a similar level of comfort and style for a slightly lower price point.


The Nike Air Huarache Crater Premium is a comfortable and stylish sneaker with a focus on sustainability. It’s a great choice for everyday wear, light walks, and those who prioritize comfort. However, if you need a shoe with exceptional ankle support or breathability, you might consider other options. Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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