Nike Air Max 97 OG

Nike Air Max 97 OG Review

A legend returns. The Nike Air Max 97 OG has captured the hearts of sneakerheads and casual wearers alike since its debut in 1997. With its unmistakable water ripple design lines and full-length visible Air unit, the OG offers a unique blend of style and comfort. But how does this re-release hold up? Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Nike Air Max 97 OG.

Pro of Nike Air Max 97 OG:

  • Iconic Design: The OG boasts the original “Silver Bullet” colorway that made the shoe famous. The reflective detailing and wavy lines offer a timeless look.
  • Visible Air Max cushioning: The full-length Air unit provides excellent impact absorption, making the shoe comfortable for extended wear.
  • True to size fit: Unlike some Air Max models, the 97 OG fits true to size for most wearers.
  • Durability: The combination of mesh and synthetic leather upper offers a good balance of breathability and durability.

Cons of Nike Air Max 97 OG:

  • Comfort: While comfortable for casual wear, some reviewers find the Air unit cushioning a bit stiff compared to newer Air Max models.
  • Support: Similar to the comfort point, the 97 OG may not provide the best support for activities requiring frequent sharp turns or lateral movements.
  • Price: As a coveted OG release, the Air Max 97 OG can be more expensive than some general release Air Max models.
  • Quality Concerns: Some reviewers mention inconsistencies in materials or construction quality compared to the original 1997 release.


The Nike Air Max 97 OG is a classic sneaker with undeniable style and comfortable cushioning. The re-release offers a chance to own a piece of footwear history. However, if you prioritize maximum comfort and support for athletic activities, you might consider a newer Air Max model. Be mindful of potentially higher prices and manage expectations regarding potential quality variations.

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