Nike Zoom Train Command

Nike Zoom Train Command Review

The Nike Zoom Train Command is a cross-training shoe designed for a variety of workouts, from weightlifting and plyometrics to running and circuit training. It offers a balance of support, stability, and responsiveness, making it a versatile option for athletes with different training needs. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Nike Zoom Train Command to help you decide if it’s the right shoe for you.

Pros of Nike Zoom Train Command:

  • Supportive and Stable: The Zoom Train Command features a snug bootie construction and a TPU midfoot wrap that provide excellent support and stability during lateral movements and lifting exercises.
  • Zoom Air Cushioning: A Zoom Air unit in the forefoot delivers responsive cushioning for explosive movements like jumps and sprints.
  • Durable Construction: The shoe is built with a durable mesh upper and a tough rubber outsole that can withstand the demands of various workouts.
  • Versatile: The combination of support, cushioning, and flexibility makes the Zoom Train Command suitable for a wide range of training activities.

Cons of Nike Zoom Train Command:

  • Snug Fit: Some reviewers find the fit to be a bit snug, especially in the toe box. It’s recommended to try on a half size up before purchasing.
  • Limited Colorways: The Zoom Train Command may not offer as many color options as some other training shoes on the market.
  • Not Ideal for Long Runs: While the shoe can handle short bursts of running, the cushioning may not be sufficient for long-distance runs.


The Nike Zoom Train Command is a solid choice for athletes looking for a supportive and stable training shoe. It offers a good balance of features that can benefit a variety of workouts. However, if you have wider feet or prioritize long-distance running, you might want to consider other options. Ultimately, the best way to decide if the Zoom Train Command is right for you is to try them on and see how they feel for your specific needs.

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