Nike Zoom Strike 2 Review

Nike Zoom Strike 2 Review

The Nike Zoom Strike 2 is a neutral running shoe designed for daily training runs. It promises a lightweight, cushioned ride with a focus on responsiveness at an affordable price point. Let’s delve into the shoe’s pros and cons to see if it lives up to these claims.

Pros of Nike Zoom Strike 2:

  • Responsive Cushioning: The Zoom Strike 2 features a forefoot Zoom Air unit for a snappy feel during toe-off. Runners looking for a bit of bounce in their stride will appreciate this technology.
  • Lightweight Design: The shoe utilizes a breathable mesh upper and a co-molded midsole, keeping the weight down for quicker transitions.
  • Breathability: The mesh upper allows for good airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during runs.
  • Affordability: Compared to other shoes with Zoom Air technology, the Strike 2 falls into a more budget-friendly category.

Cons of Nike Zoom Strike 2:

  • Support Concerns: The minimal design and focus on lightweight construction might not offer enough support for runners who need extra stability, particularly for longer distances.
  • Durability Questions: Some reviewers have expressed concerns about the long-term durability of the materials, especially for high-mileage runners.
  • Limited Traction: The waffle outsole pattern might not provide the best grip on loose surfaces like wet pavement or trails.


The Nike Zoom Strike 2 is a good option for runners seeking a lightweight, cushioned daily trainer at an accessible price. The responsive forefoot Zoom Air unit delivers a springy feel, and the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool. However, runners needing extra support or planning to tackle challenging terrain might want to consider a more robust shoe. If you prioritize a comfortable, lightweight trainer for your everyday runs, the Zoom Strike 2 is worth considering.

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