Nike Flex Control Tr4 Review

Nike Flex Control Tr4 Review

The Nike Flex Control TR4 is a budget-friendly training shoe designed for gym workouts, circuit training, and other activities that require flexibility and support. It boasts a lightweight design with a focus on affordability, making it an attractive option for casual gym-goers or those new to fitness routines. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Nike Flex Control TR4 to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your workouts.

Pros of Nike Flex Control Tr4:

  • Affordable: Compared to other training shoes, the Flex Control TR4 offers a significant price advantage.
  • Flexible: The upper and sole are designed for flexibility, allowing for a natural range of motion during exercise.
  • Lightweight: The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable during workouts.
  • Supportive: The cushioned midsole and secure lacing system provide adequate support for basic training movements.
  • Durable: While not top-of-the-line materials, the construction seems to hold up well for casual gym use.

Cons of Nike Flex Control Tr4:

  • Limited cushioning: The Flex Control TR4 prioritizes flexibility over plush cushioning, which may not be ideal for high-impact activities like running or jumping.
  • Minimal arch support: The shoe offers basic arch support, which might not be sufficient for users who need extra support for their feet.
  • Durability concerns: Some reviewers mentioned the potential for quicker wear and tear on the mesh upper compared to more expensive training shoes.
  • Less breathable: While the upper is breathable, it may not be ideal for very intense workouts that cause significant sweating.


The Nike Flex Control TR4 is a solid choice for those seeking an affordable and flexible training shoe for casual gym use or low-impact workouts. Its lightweight design, breathability, and supportive fit make it suitable for basic training routines. However, if you require advanced cushioning, significant arch support, or participate in high-impact activities, you might want to consider a more robust training shoe. Ultimately, the decision of whether the Nike Flex Control TR4 is right for you depends on your individual needs and workout preferences.

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