Nike Air Max Torch 3

Nike Air Max Torch 3 Review

The Nike Air Max Torch 3 is a budget-friendly running shoe that offers a classic look and visible Max Air cushioning in the heel. It targets casual runners and those looking for a comfortable everyday shoe.

Pros of Nike Air Max Torch 3:

  • Affordable: The Air Max Torch 3 is a strong contender in the value running shoe category.
  • Comfortable: The shoe features a mesh upper for breathability and a Phylon midsole for cushioning.
  • Classic Style: The shoe offers a heritage running aesthetic that transitions well to casual wear.

Cons of Nike Air Max Torch 3:

  • Limited Support: Reviewers with flat feet or needing extra arch support may find the Air Max Torch 3 lacking.
  • Sizing: Some reviewers suggest the shoe runs a half to full size small.
  • Durability: While comfortable for everyday wear, the shoe might not hold up for high-mileage running.


The Nike Air Max Torch 3 is a solid choice for casual runners and those seeking a comfortable everyday shoe at a budget-friendly price point. However, runners with specific needs for arch support or planning high-mileage training may want to consider other options. Knowing its limitations, the Air Max Torch 3 can be a valuable addition to your shoe collection.

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