White goose feather duvet review
White goose feather duvet review

White goose feather duvet review Bottom comforters are in demand and do not go out of fashion for long. Thanks to its amazing warming properties, convenience, and practicality, products made from the bottom are very popular.

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White goose feather duvet has the following unique properties:

  • White goose feather duvet is lighter and softer than products, due to the natural properties of down. Half of the product made from goose does not weigh more than 1 kg.
  • For example, the premium model filled under the eider and measuring 135 x 200 cm has a weight of only 500 g.
  • Long service life. With proper and timely care, a blanket from fluff can last for 20 years.
  • Excellent ventilation. The structure of the fluff promotes constant air exchange so that the blankets breathe.
  • The ability to regulate heat. The fluff creates a favorable and comfortable temperature for a person, warming in the cold and not allowing the body to overheat in the heat.
  • flexibility. The original lush appearance and size of the product are preserved for a long time.

Blankets are made of waterfowl and goat fluff

  • White goose feather duvet is the most inexpensive and short-lived. It is prone to rapid shedding, clumping, and moisture evaporation.
  • The feathers have a solid shaft, due to which the weight of the product increases significantly.
  • Goose down is the most common type of stuffing used in production.
  • It has an ideal price-quality ratio. It is collected in most cases from live birds that have reached six months of age 2-3 times a year.
  • Used down from gray geese and white breeds.
  • And for the entire life cycle, one individual gives 4 kg of feather mass, the decrease of which is only 25%.
  • The main producers are used in the production of lower birds, which live in the free-range and receive special oatmeal food.
  • Goose absorbs moisture but evaporates better than ducks.
  • It is widely used to produce pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags.
  • But as a sleeping bag, it is only suitable for use in winter or operating in places with moderate humidity.
White goose feather duvet review
White goose feather duvet review

Goose feather quilt ingredients

  • White goose feather duvet down This coat is collected from the chest and lower neck of the goat.
  • The fibers are thin and long.
  • The bottom has high elasticity and is able to regulate heat.
  • perfectly evaporates the absorbed moisture, creates a dry heat effect, is useful in case of rheumatism and pain in the joints, and due to the content of lanolin helps to quickly relieve the condition;
  • North Pooh duck eider. The most expensive and the highest quality.
  • Gaga lives only in the wild, so the fluff is collected directly from the nests: it is replaced with soft straw. 2.5 tons of them are extracted annually.
  • So the products with such packaging will cost several thousand euros.
  • The quality of the down is determined by the size of the fluff.
  • There are three quality categories: international, European and Swiss.
  • The volume of the latter is 4 times higher than that of world-class products.
  • The degree of elasticity is measured by filling power, abbreviated F. P.
  • For the manufacture of blankets, the elasticity index cannot be less than 500 units.
  • The number of feathers is indicated by the fractions, which indicate the percentage of down and feather percent, respectively.

Choosing a goose down quilt according to the season

The use of different amounts of fluff in a white goose feather duvet allows you to produce four types of models according to their thermal index:

  • very light. The quality of heat corresponds to a light blanket. Denotes one sign – x
  • easy. Suitable for cool summer nights, it will not allow overheating in the body and will create a comfortable temperature. Tagged as QQ.
  • Average – QQQ. Universal type of blanket with excellent thermostatic properties. Under this product is never hot or cold;
  • Warm – QQQQ. The highest rate will ensure a comfortable sleep at lower room temperatures or in the fresh air while out into the countryside.

White goose feather duvet

Bottom patterns on the type of stitches are divided into 2 categories:

  • Plain stitch can be straight or counted, well suited for light blankets.
  • But in thicker products, it is not very practical – the bottom is unevenly distributed, there are empty zones, as a result, the thermostat characteristics are lowered down.
  • Several lines make the product heavier, and over time, the drop begins to rise.
  • cassette. It is used in blankets with QQ-QQQQ Thermal Indicator, creates a uniform layer of fluff without blank areas.
  • A blanket of this type consists of internal cell stitches, cassettes, separated from each other by internal partitions.
  • This prevents the fluff from migrating inside the canister and, in turn, prevents churning and clumping from the filler.

What are the sizes of white goose feather duvet?

  • The width of the product is chosen by the consumer at his discretion, but its length should be equal to the length of the bed.
  • Russian sizes differ from common European sizes, therefore, below are both options.
  • Children’s models – 110 x 140 cm, European standard – 120 x 120.
  • Single blankets are available in sizes 140 x 205 cm and 155 x 215 cm, respectively.
  • Double – 172×205 and Euro size – 200×220 cm.
  • Sizes 200×200 meters and 220×240 are also produced, but they are less common.

What are the colors?

  • Organic cotton having the OekoTex Standard 100 standard, which guarantees the absence of harmful impurities.
  • Silk, satin, or jacquard – beautiful and pleasant to the touch materials used inexpensive models.
  • A satin blanket, which is covered with a blanket cover made of silk linen with embroidery, will not only warm and ensure a comfortable sleep, but also decorate the sleeping place.
  • Tencel. This material is made of eucalyptus wood fibers and ionizes with silver.
  • Liosilk consists of Tencel and silk and combines the positive qualities of both materials.


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