White feather and down duvet review
White feather and down duvet review

White feather and down duvet review where it is impossible to imagine a restful sleep without a clean, soft bed. Those who have slept under a duvet at least once will never replace it with a synthetic one. But what do you do when it’s time to take a shower?

We’ll tell you how to machine wash your comforter so you don’t damage it and carry MCA in excess.

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How to maintain a white feather & down duvet?

  • With the product, White feather & down duvet feathers are reliably protected by a duvet.
  • But it is still customary to “pack” them into a duvet cover.
  • And even these measures do not protect the quilt from dust and stains.
  • Don’t forget about dust mites and bacteria that can cause skin reactions and disrupt sleep.

Even if you dry such a blanket in the sun in an old-fashioned way, it will not disinfect the filler, so washing is not a whim, but a necessity.

Can the product be washed in an automatic machine?

  • The hostesses advise taking it to a dry cleaning machine, where it will thoroughly wash and dry the blanket, sorting and sterilizing the “stuffing”.
  • But this applies to blankets that have been used for a long time.
  • If the item is relatively new and you want to renew it or remove the stain, machine washing is the easiest solution.
  • It all depends on the size of the product – whether it matches the capacity of the drum.
  • If you have a bed and a half (or even a double bed).
  • It will not fit a washing machine with a load of up to 7 kg.
  • The blanket will get wet and heavy and become an unbearable burden on the moving parts of the SM.
  • Importance! If the cylinder is full, prepare for a weak rotation.
  • The washing will be done in a small amount of water, so the quality of the process will be below.

Can this product be washed?

  • Washing in automatic mode is not prohibited, but it should be a thoughtful and balanced decision.
  • If the blanket is large, and the drum is less than 7 kg, do not risk this – wash the item by hand.
  • Attention! Take a look at the label – it will indicate which type of washing is suitable for the product.
  • Check the fabric for damage – if there is a small hole, fluff will spill into the drum.
  • And from there it will go into the drain system and clog the filter, tube, or pump.
  • The dismantling of the SMA case is inevitable in this case.

How to wash and maintain this product?

  • If you decide to wash the blanket in a washing machine, purchase a cleaning product. Soft items are washed with a special shampoo for natural fillers.
  • Check how well you rinse the gel from the cloth. If the detergent is rinsed well, the washing performance will be better.

How to dry the feathers inside

Anything full of natural fluff should be properly dried. Follow these guidelines when drying your blanket:

  • Avoid direct sunlight to avoid spoiling the filling. Hang the product in the shade, choosing a well-ventilated place.
  • Do not dry in the yard in strong winds, otherwise, you will have to re-wash – a damp cloth will collect dust and debris.
  • If you have an apartment with a north or west balcony, you can dry it on it.
  • The main thing is that nothing smokes under the windows. It is better for residents of industrial zones to abandon this project.
  • At home, you can stretch your blanket over a dryer or ironing board.
  • Do not hang the product on the ropes to avoid the fall of the fluff.
  • Move the dryer 1.5 meters away from the radiators.
  • Whisk the filling every 60 to 90 minutes to avoid clumps.
  • Turn the blanket over at least once or twice.
  • I found out if a feather quilt can be washed in the washing machine. Have detailed washing and drying instructions on hand.
White feather and down duvet review
White feather and down duvet review

Sleep comfortably with a feather duvet product

  • Relaxing sleep and rest is unimaginable without a good blanket and pillow.
  • If you are accustomed to covering yourself with a blanket with natural fluff, then it will be difficult for you to abandon it in favor of a synthetic analog.
  • But it is much more difficult to wash a product made of natural material.
  • How to facilitate this procedure, and whether it is possible to wash the quilt in a washing machine, is worth knowing.

Feather Quilt Features

  • Despite the fact that the blanket has a nap and a duvet cover on it, it still needs to be washed. During operation, the fluff is saturated with sweat, dust, and moisture.
  • In such an environment, dust mites and microbes develop, which is unsafe for your health and is fraught, first of all, with allergies and a natural sleep disturbance.
  • Drying clothes in the sun or near another heat source won’t solve the germ problem, so washing is simply necessary.
  • But how to wash the blanket, because, unlike the pillow, it is large, and it is not always possible to get the fluff out of it.
  • Blankets are often made quilted so that the fluff is not lost, and therefore a separate section of the product is difficult to open, and it is easier to buy a new one.
  • One solution to this problem is to transfer it to a dry-cleaning machine, where the quilt is not only washed, but also qualitatively dried, and the fluff is sorted.
  • However, it is important for us to know whether it is possible to wash the blanket in a washing machine at home?
  • It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question because everything will depend on the size of your blanket and on the size of the washing machine drum.
  • If the washing machine drum is designed for less than 7 kg, you should not try to wash one and a half blankets.
  • When wet, the blanket will be very heavy and will provide maximum pressure, that is, wear and tear on the parts.


That a blanket that is too large in a small cylinder may not separate, and stretch poorly in a small amount of water.

Thus, we can conclude that washing the quilt with the filling of fluff is carried out in an automatic washing machine with a load of 7 kg, optimally 9-10. Otherwise, hand washing is waiting for you.


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