What Vitamin C good for you
What Vitamin C good for you

What Vitamin C is good for you, Few ingredients deserve a place in your morning routine. Like vitamin C, many of us are aware of its benefits as part of a healthy diet. Antioxidants have also become a staple of skin care regimens, in addition to being found in most nutritional supplements. Body health, and other products in which vitamin has become an essential part.

What Vitamin C good for you

  • Boost immunity in the body.
  • Preserving the skin.
  • The freshness of the skin.
  • Hair strengthening.
  • Maintaining mental health.
  • Promote wound healing.
  • Helping the body absorb iron.
  • Influenza treatment.
  • Fight aging.

Benefits of vitamin C for the human body

What Vitamin C good for you
What Vitamin C good for you

1. Supporting energy metabolism

Our bodies need vitamin C in order to efficiently convert the foods and drinks we consume into energy, and it also helps us absorb vitamins, minerals and other micro nutrients to keep our bodies in good shape.

2. Helps maintain psychological function

When your body is severely deficient in vitamin, you are at high risk of developing depression, personality changes, lethargy, and general malaise, which make vitamin vital for normal mental health.

Vitamin C also helps the body’s cells communicate with each other and contributes to the synthesis of some hormones (nor adrenaline and adrenaline). These hormones help regulate your mood and your ability to focus, and they also work with other hormones to help the body respond to exercise and stress.

3. Immune system support

Our immune system is responsible for maintaining our health, and the stronger it is, the better. Everyone’s immune system needs vitamin C to function normally.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki found that taking a vitamin supplement can reduce the rate of colds in active people by 50%.

4. Helps maintain bone and cartilage

Vitamin plays a big role in maintaining the strength of cartilage and bones by helping our bodies produce collagen, which is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and it acts as a scaffold to provide structure and strength. About 90% of the proteins in our bones are collagen, so it makes sense that it is good for our bones. And our cartilage.

Some research suggests that increased intake appears to be associated with higher bone mass density and lower bone loss, and very high levels of vitamin have also been seen to help protect against bone and hip fractures.


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