What are the methods of cooking food
What are the methods of cooking food

What are the methods of cooking food, cooking is a group of techniques that use heat in order to transform food and to facilitate the digestion of certain foods by the human body while eliminating the bacteria and parasites that may contain them?

However, despite the benefits of cooking, it is not without some consequences, as some foods may lose their nutritional value due to prolonged exposure to heat.

Way Cooking

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What are the methods of cooking food
What are the methods of cooking food

What are the methods of cooking food?

Cooking not only changes the color and consistency of food, but it can also spoil the taste and nutritional value of the food because:

Starting at 45 ° C inactivation of enzymes.

And between 60 and 75 degrees, Celsius destroys vitamin C, which is most sensitive to heat and light.

Starting at 90 or 95 ° C some types of vitamin B are lost.

Which cooking methods are best for different types of food?

Steam or paper cooking:

Steam cooking means that the food is cooked surrounded by steam or broth. As for paper cooking, the food is wrapped in airtight paper to be cooked normally in the oven.

One of the benefits of this method is that it allows to the preservation of the highest possible amount of nutrients without the need to add mental materials (such as oil, for example).

Food cooking

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What are the methods of cooking food
What are the methods of cooking food

Foods to be cooked in this way:

Fish and seafood, poultry, delicate or delicate materials that do not require a long time for cooking, vegetables of all kinds, recipes well work make meal every get.

Boil cooking:

Boiling involves cooking food in boiling water that has a temperature of about 100 degrees.

Cold cooking method:

This method begins with cooking in a cold, fragrant or unscented liquid, which results in osmosis or a mutual effect between the food and the liquid in which it is cooked, as the fragrant liquid penetrates into the food to give it a specific flavor. This obtained liquid can be reused at the end of the cooking process, the home will Mar run diet don pan cheese knife prepare kids cut.

On the other hand, the method of cold cooking is consistent with dry and soft foods, and only the cooking time varies, recipes make.

Heat cooks

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Hot cooking method:

This method begins with cooking in a hot, scented, or unscented liquid, which softens the

muscle fibers. It is a useful way to quickly cook food, provided the food is not very dry

(seafood, some types of fish, meat).

Boiling in a hot liquid has several characteristics, including cooking foods quickly,

preserving better the color of vegetables and nutrients, recipes and destroying enzymes

that destroy vitamins.

Foods to be cooked in this way:

Fish and seafood, poultry and meat are relatively dry, soft items that do not take a long

time to cook.

Cooking with barbecue:

This method is based on cooking food at a constant temperature, either in the oven or on

the grill. This method is usually used to cook tender meat. Since heat can dry out food,

recipes the food’s cooking must be constantly monitored.

The main benefit of this method of cooking is that it allows the formation of a colored

outer crust, which gives a kind of crunch and pleasure when eating.


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