Vitamin C recipes
Vitamin C recipes

Vitamin C recipes is one of the most important cosmetic elements that most women prefer to use, in order to obtain clear, clear and attractive skin.

This serum is very beneficial for the skin, as it helps protect it from damage caused by the environment, and delays the signs of aging. Vitamin C serum is the best type of serum, as it is well-proven in treating all aesthetic problems related to the skin.

So, today we gathered four different methods that you can use to prepare a wonderful Vitamin C serum. Follow this article with us, dear, and learn about them and how to prepare them.

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Vitamin C serum with glycerin


Capsule of vitamin C.

A tablespoon of distilled water.

A tablespoon of glycerin.

Dark colored sterile bottle.

How to prepare:

1- Get one vitamin C capsule.

2- Dissolve it in a tablespoon of distilled water.

3- Add a tablespoon of glycerin.

4- Put the ingredients in a sterile dark colored bottle, so that the vitamin C oxidizes easily.

5- Use the serum daily after washing the skin, as glycerin helps a lot to moisturize and soften the skin, and protect it from inflammation and dryness.

Vitamin C recipes
Vitamin C recipes

Vitamin C serum with glycolic cream


A box of red glycolic cream.

A cup of bitter almond oil.

2 capsules of vitamin C.

A cup of lemon juice.

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How to prepare:

1- Bring a box of red glycolic cream.

2- Mix it well with a cup of bitter almond oil, which helps improve the texture of the skin and protects it from blackheads.

3- Dissolve two capsules of vitamin C in a cup of lemon juice.

4- Mix the juice, cream and oil well.

5- Add the ingredients in an airtight box and put them in the refrigerator.

6- Use it daily for a week.


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