Simple Cooking Tips for the Beginner Chef
Simple Cooking Tips for the Beginner Chef

Simple Cooking Tips for the Beginner Chef, many women see cooking as a tough household task, but there are cooks tricks that can make it easier for you to cook, and save you a lot of wasted time and effort in cooks. In this article, we have chosen for you a set of food cooking tips, to get you creative in preparing delicious and healthy foods for your family.

Simple Cooking Tip for the Beginner Chef

Spread the oil on the edges of the pan if you need to add more of it while frying the food so that when it reaches the ingredients you are cooks, it has reached an appropriate temperature.

When frying, hold each piece of ready-to-fry food with tongs under the surface of the oil for five seconds before leaving it. This method helps to hold the food’s crust together and prevent it from sticking to the bowl or other pieces.

Replace half of the mayonnaise with yogurt, for a rich, creamy, and healthier dressing (sauce).

Simple Cooking Tips for the Beginner Chef
Simple Cooking Tips for the Beginner Chef

Tip and tricks

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When cutting leafy greens and herbs, sprinkle a pinch of salt on a cutting board to prevent them from splashing while slicing.

To makes a delicious sandwich, roll the mayonnaise from corner to corner on the bread, this step is important so that every bite of the sandwich is delicious and well-packed.

Buy vegetables and the ingredients of your food from the market on the street, in addition to helping small farmers and the small economy, the purchase will be more smooth and you will be able to find all your supplies next to each other, for example, zucchini next to it, stuffed vegetables, and so on.

Food safety

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Season meat and fish evenly, and sprinkle salt, pepper, and other spices when spraying them well, which will prevent you from accumulating the seasoning on one side or over-seasoning in some areas than others.

Leave the butter and eggs at room temperature the night before baking, for best results.

Rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon to get rid of the annoying onion and garlic smell with your hands after you finish cooks the foods, and you will find that the smell has completely disappeared.

Heat cooks

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Do not exaggerate adding large amounts of spices to the foods, so as not to hide the basic taste of the ingredients, in most dishes, salt, and pepper with a light sprinkle of spices is all you need to get a delicious and delicious taste of foods.

Add salt and oil to the pasta boiling water, and take it out of the boiling water two minutes before the cook’s time indicated on the package, to complete the simmering in its sauce, to get a distinctive and rich taste.

Makes sure to heat the pan well before placing the foods to be fried in it, like the oven, in order to properly cook the foods.

Cut meat, chicken, or liver into small slices for quick coking’s, and salute them with onions and green peppers in a small amount of oil over high heat, with constant stirring to ensure they are well cooked and avoid burning.

Refrigerate the onions for 15 minutes before chopping them, to avoid affecting your eyes.

Cooking methods

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Store loads of foods in the freezer to make it easier for you to cook, such as soup bags, tomato juice, meat, and marinated chicken, recipes good work, and others.

Put a spoonful of the oil on the tomato sauce to keep it from getting moldy, recipes good work meal while keeping the jar upside down in the refrigerator.

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