quick tips for perfect cooking
quick tips for perfect cooking

Quick tips for perfect cooking, when it comes to the kitchen, there is no such thing as enough advice, as new tips and tricks always appear in the kitchen to save time and effort, which is why our site in this article provides you with some tips for you are not home in the kitchen, to continue your creative journey in preparing different foods.

10 quick tips for perfect cooking

Prepare for the next day’s meal to save yourself a lot of cooking time – preparation is the secret of success. Raise the oven temperature and reduce the cooked time, the smaller the size of the thing being baked.

Store spices in a cool, dry, and dark place, as heat, moisture and light can make the spices lose their flavor.

Grate some fruit peels, such as an orange or apple, over a salad, to give it a distinct flavor.

Cook the broth in large quantities and store it in plastic bags in the freezer, so you can use it to easily make soups or various sauces when needed.

If you have the will, do not try new recipes, cook the items that you are good at preparing them well. After frying the eggs the eyes are taken out.

quick tips for perfect cooking
quick tips for perfect cooking

Tip and tricks

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Put a little fruit vinegar (apple or grape) in the same bowl and heat it up a little, then add it to eggs to give it a new flavor.

After preparing garlic, wipe your hands thoroughly in the stainless steel kitchen sink before washing them, the smell will be completely gone from your hands.

Put the poultry in brine before cooking it, so that its flavor appears strongly during cooked.

Boil the pasta for a minute less than what is recommended on the package, then prepare its sauce.

Food safety

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Cooking tips for beginners

Every beginner in the kitchen world thinks that preparing food is one of the hard tasks that require long experience and great effort, but the truth is that cooked is a skill like any other skill that can be developed through learning and practice.

All you need in this case is to start and not be bored or despair from repeating the

experiment until you become a good cook, and here are these tip that will makes the

task easier for you:

quick tips for perfect cooking
quick tips for perfect cooking

Heat cooks

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Makes sure you taste the foods before serving them, as no matter how you follow the

correct ingredients for the recipe, you will need to adjust the seasoning in it according to

your own taste.

If you feel that the dish contains excess salt, reduce it by adding slices of potato, and it

will work to absorb the excess salt.

Not open the lid of the pot several times during the cooking of the rice, as the cooking of

food depends on steam, and when you open the lid several times during cooked, a large

amount of it is lost, which leads to the rice not being fully cooked properly.

Do not use a damp or wet towel when removing the trays from the oven, as it transfers

heat faster.

Do not put salt, vinegar, and lemon on the salad until the last moments when serving, so

that the vegetables in it do not wilt quickly.

Use non-ground spices, such as black pepper seeds, coriander, cardamom, and Laura

leaves, to avoid getting a dark-colored broth, and remove the remnants from the surface

of the broth while it boils.

Add a quarter of a spoonful of sugar when preparing tomato sauce, to give it a

distinctively delicious taste.

Never worry about food on the stove or in the oven, as it will dry out and burn.


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