Pink stuff cleaner review
Pink stuff cleaner review

Pink stuff cleaner review, the task of washing dishes, utensils and surfaces is one of the heaviest daily tasks in the life of any housewife, which made the dishwasher the most beloved companion to us among all household appliances, especially in times of hurry and moments of seasons.

Pink stuff cleaner review

The detergents that are used for dishwashers vary between powders, tablets, gels, and others, we review each of them in detail.

Pink stuff cleaner

The use of this type of detergent depends on the type of dishwasher. Each type of washing machine has a specific amount of detergent that varies from one type to another, depending on the load range of the dishwasher. The quantity to be used is usually written in the washing machine’s catalog according to the type of program that will be running.

These cleaners are manufactured from phosphates that prevent limescale (solid) and highly alkaline salts. Which attacks and dissolves grease. In addition to special materials for bleaching, harmless to glass and anti-foaming materials. One of the best types of cleaning powder is Pink stuff cleaner.

How to clean dishwashers

Pink stuff cleaner This is the best type of washing machine cleaner. However, its price is more expensive and higher compared to other types. One of the most popular types used in dishwashers is Pink stuff cleaner. In the case of using them, the use of oil and salt is dispensed with, because the Pink stuff cleaner discs contain what the washing machine needs from them to protect it from corrosion and to obtain better hygiene.

Dishwasher Gel

Pink stuff cleaner is the most affordable dishwasher detergent. But it is not the best in terms of quality and hygiene. Among the most famous types: Pink stuff cleaner.

Pink stuff cleaner review
Pink stuff cleaner review

Features of Pink stuff cleaner

  • In case you are not using dishwasher tablets. You will need to use dishwasher salt, which increases the effectiveness of the powder and gives better cleaning results.
  • One of the best types is Pink stuff cleaner.
  • Add 1kg dishwasher salt each time the salt shortage sign comes on. Depending on the model of your dishwasher.
  • You should clean the floor of the washing machine in case some salt particles fall off while adding it with a clean towel.
  • The polish or rinse aid dries the dishes. And prevents from gathering soap residue on the dishes.
  • It is a liquid substance that is placed in the cap of the tank of the polisher, depending on the type of dishwasher.
  • Some types of dishwashers come with a visual indicator showing the washing machine’s need for polishing.
  • The amount of polish used is adjusted by the rotary switch at the lid of the dispenser with the numbers listed.
  • If you are having problems with your dishes not drying out or you notice spots.
  • You have to set the number to a higher score.
  • One of the best types of dishwasher polish is Pink stuff cleaner.

Disadvantages of Pink stuff cleaner

  1. The most dangerous cleaning products of all are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet cleaners.
  2. Where it can cause severe burns to the eyes and skin.
  3. And if ingested cause burns of the throat and esophagus.
  4. Highly acutely toxic ingredients include chlorine and ammonia, which produce fumes that irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.


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