Nike air max genome review
Nike air max genome review

Nike air max genome review, Nike shoes, are among the shoes that are characterized by manufacturing efficiency and high quality that is enough to make them one of the best shoes especially! Nike cares about a lot of the minute details that directly affect the final design, and the efficiency of the shoe’s function, especially in the case of walking!

Nike air max genome

Nike Shoes Company relies on a set of important strategies to raise the efficiency of the shoes it manufactures.

This is one of the features that distinguish the company from other companies in the same field.

Nike air max genome review

  • It consists of a leather and textile upper that includes cleverly placed overlays for added durability, cushioning, and comfort.
  • The Nike Air unit is encapsulated in the full length to give the shoe a lighter weight and give your foot enough support when running, especially Such as Nike Air Max 90 review.
  • The design is perforated to enhance ventilation and keep your feet dry.
  • It consists of a polyurethane (PU) midsole for added durability and comfort around your foot.
  • It has a non-marking rubber sole for comfortable traction and gives the shoes great durability.

New Nike shoes 2021

  1. It is one of Nike’s shoes that has many advantages related to the efficiency of the shoe when practicing various exercises and sporting behaviors.
  2. This sneaker features a white leather upper with a blue lace insert at the eyelets to give it a distinctive aesthetic shape.
  3. In addition, it comes with a raised bar with a Jordan logo print. In addition to the elephant print on the toe and heel, to give the shoe a unique shape!
  4. Especially since the outsole is blue, and the insole is made of polyurethane, which provides space for air to enter the heel to feel comfortable when wearing it.
  5. Therefore, it is one of the distinguished options available to you to purchase and enjoy walking in complete comfort.

Nike shoes

  • It is one of the distinctive shoes that give your feet an abundance of comfort during the various walks.
  • In addition, it is considered one of the elegant shoes that reflects the character of elegance and beauty at the same time Such as Nike air max 95 review.
  • Nike has designed the sneaker in an attractive way that makes it highly!
  • Therefore, if you are interested in getting the new Nike shoes 2021, you can get them at a very good price, by taking advantage of the discount code attached above.
Nike air max genome review
Nike air max genome review

Features of Nike air max genome

  1. The wonderful Nike shoe has a lot of features that demonstrate the extent to which the best company in history pays attention to the smallest details.
  2. In this design, the company paid attention to the issue of comfort and elegance alike.
  3. In addition to its interest in the issue of ventilation, the shoe is dedicated, which is considered one of the best shoes that Nike has produced.
  4. The upper material is made of Textile/Synthetic.
  5. The inner material is made of fabric.
  6. The material that the sole is made of from the inside is also the fabric.
  7. Lace-up closure (6 eyelets).
  8. Nike logo on the sides.
  9. Pull tab on the heel.
  10. Ventilation in all respects.
  11. Abrasion-resistant rubber sole.

Trail shoes

  • Nike air max 95 weighs between 250 and 450 grams and works well on hard floors.
  • The damping is fairly moderate, but the grip is quite high Such as Nike air max 270 review.
  • They usually have a waterproof layer, which makes them ideal for outdoor shoes.
  • Moreover, the upper for water protection stabilizes the foot, but at the expense of ventilation.
  • The natural feel disappears, which is why you should pay attention to the ground.
  • Recommended walking speed Low!

lightweight trainer

  • Lightweight shoes are suitable for medium and firm floors.
  • It usually weighs no more than 300 grams and is suitable for fast runners.
  • Big brands like Nike and others put here high-tech technologies, as they are ideal models.
  • The successful construction of the developers should positively affect the operation.
  • The runner must provide energy and develop a good feeling.
  • Incidentally, the lightweight shoe is the flagship of minimal footwear and serves as a second shoe for many outdoor fans.
  • Recommended walking speed: low/high!


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