Nike air max 97 review
Nike air max 97 review

Nike air max 97 review, it is known to many people that Nike shoes are one of the most famous and well-known shoes not only at the local level, but its fame extends globally as well, because of its advantages as it is characterized by comfort while walking or running and exercising, as it is light And medical, it is also characterized by strength, durability and an attractive and distinctive aesthetic appearance, and it has types that also fit with casual, we will talk about Nike air max 97 in detail.

Nike air max 97

  1. Today, we see many shoes, which attract attention and promise fast-moving consumers, whether these shoes belong to reliable brands or not.
  2. We cannot deny its quality and splendor.
  3. So I present to you the forms of Nike shoes in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Their prices, and a distinguished group.
  5. Where technology entered the field of interest, to make them lighter and stronger Such as Nike Air Max 90 review.
  6. And the texture makes the player more comfortable during.
  7. The new designs of Nike men’s shoes and Nike women’s shoes combine the beauty of form with high technical specifications.
  8. Nike shoes are best-selling because of their lightweight, and this is because of the technology that depends on the support of the heel joints.
  9. The choice of kangaroo leather as the main material for the shoe version.

Specifications of Nike air max 97

  • Unlike the eighties, the designs of the nineties were characterized by artistic style and elaborate creativity.
  • Nike air max 97 has created a shoe with a thicker outsole with cushioning and a visible Air Max unit.
  • The shoe offers a sophisticated look with its leather upper and durable foam midsole.
  • To give you the ultimate in comfort for tough movements.
  • The rubber outsole provides durability for optimal performance.
  • Designed for men for flexibility and maximum cushioning, it features a breathable mesh upper.
  • It also contains the thick heel of the unit (Air Max), which enhances the flexibility of the foot.
  • Its rubber outsole with flex grooves delivers great traction on a variety of surfaces and gives your feet a harmonious stride.
  • Water resistance: Nike shoes are made of completely waterproof chemicals.
  • To prevent water from seeping into the feet Such as Nike air max 95 review.
  • For this reason, it is preferred by many people who suffer from inflammation of the fingers.
  • Ventilation, rot resistance, and odor testing: We know that when running or walking long distances, the temperature of the feet rises, which leads to sweat and unpleasant odors.
  • Therefore, Nike shoes are characterized by breathability and resistance to rotting.
  • This feature makes you careful when buying any fake shoes and not original ones.
  • Flexibility in the heel, outsole, and terrain: The Nike waffle premium shoes are completely flexible.
  • This feature is one of the important things that must be taken into account when buying shoes, especially sports shoes.
  • So as not to cause injuries or injury to the foot due to its severity.

Features of Nike air max 97

  1. The Nike air max 97 shoe from Nike features a durable upper.
  2. Its thick heel also contains an Air Max unit that absorbs shocks and cushions Todd Air in strategic areas.
  3. Its rubber outsole with flex grooves delivers great traction on a variety of surfaces and gives your feet a smooth stride.
  4. The Nike air max 97 features a complete Air-Sole system for unparalleled cushioning and shock absorption Such as Nike air max 270 review.
  5. The Air-Sole unit sits directly under the foot without a midsole for the true feeling of being in the air.
  6. The rubber pods are lightweight with flexibility and durability to withstand long miles.
  7. The feet are thoughtfully distributed under the foot to provide air in the necessary areas with each step.
  8. It also features a faux-leather mesh upper with lace-up loops for a snug fit with stability.
Nike air max 97 review
Nike air max 97 review

Nike air max 97

  • The design of the Nike air max 97 shoes was inspired by the Nike Air Max 97 and Wire Max 180 shoes.
  • This shoe features a large heel with an air unit for comfort during walking, in addition to its modern and flexible design that matches the shape of the foot.
  • Celebrate with us a great selection of Nike air max 97 shoes, and shop the latest releases from Nike to be the first to shine with everything new and innovative.

Disadvantages of Nike waffle one premium

  • Some shapes and colors are not available in large sizes.
  • The higher the price of the product and this reduces the number of consumers.


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