Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes
Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes

Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes review For every woman who is looking for excellent kitchen towels, to help her in the kitchen in cleaning kitchen utensils and many other things that we will mention in today’s article.

Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes review

In the following lines, we will mention the types Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes:

Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes

  • This towel is a multi-purpose towel; It can be used to wipe knives.
  • And it can also be used as a holder for hot pans as it can withstand high levels of heat.
  • This type of towel is easily recognizable because it often has a colored stripe running down the middle Such as Premium large cotton tea towels.
  • This type of towel is often used in restaurants; As the restaurant workers distinguish between the uses of each towel according to the color of the tape on the towel.

Dish towel

  • This towel is so soft that it can be used for drying and polishing kitchen utensils.
  • This towel is often not exposed to a lot of moisture and dirt.
  • So it does not need to be replaced frequently.

Cooking towel

  • These towels are used during food preparation and pouring to wipe off oil, crumbs, and sauces, and chefs often keep them in their pockets to keep them close at hand.
  • This towel is one of the most practical towels in the kitchen; Because it is used to clean different surfaces, it is characterized by its durability and absorbency.

Hand towel

  • This towel is used to dry hands after washing dishes, as it is unhygienic to use kitchen towels for personal use.
  • It is usually located next to the sink for easy access Such as Premium kitchen towels large cotton.

Tea towel

  • This towel is similar to a hand towel in that it is not bulky.
  • It is used to line serving trays and tables, and it can also be used to cover a bread basket.
  • It should be noted that this towel does not have any absorbency.
  • And it is just a piece of cloth suitable for the purpose for which it was made.

Terry towels

Made of highly absorbent cotton material, these towels are suitable for use as kitchen and hand towels.

Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes
Kitchen dish towels for drying dishes

Kitchen dish towels

What distinguishes this towel is that it resembles a honeycomb or waffle candy, and it is made of microfibers or cotton, which allows air to pass through it and it dries quickly.

Cotton woven towels

These towels are made of 100% cotton, and they are one of the most popular towels used in the kitchen; It is effective in drying hands and dishes.

Microfiber Towels

  • These towels are made of extra-fine nylon and polyester yarns that absorb liquids, dust, and dirt instead of pushing them while you clean.
  • These towels can absorb up to seven or eight times their weight in liquid, and are more expensive than other towels Such as Highly absorbent tea towels set.
  • It is worth noting that the manufacturing process requires many stages to reach the final product.

How to handle kitchen towels

Although kitchen towels fit our needs, we must handle them with care, and the following is a presentation of the most prominent details related to this:

  1. do not leave it on surfaces; These surfaces may be contaminated with food particles or spices, making them susceptible to germs and mold.
  2. Do not leave them next to meat and fish dishes when cleaning them, as juices from raw meat and fish may leak out.
  3. This run-off cannot be avoided but should not be cleaned with a kitchen towel; Because this can cause the expansion of the range of germs and the transmission of diseases easily.
  4. Avoid using a kitchen towel to wipe traces of raw eggs, and raw eggs can be dealt with using a single-use towel.
  5. Avoid using a kitchen towel to clean the sink before cleaning it with soap; Because the sink is a germ-infested spot.


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