How to work tadpole fish
How to work tadpole fish

How to work tadpole fish, from the Mediterranean fish, called Kafka fan, Shiro, goats, goatfish, and it is one of the most famous types of fish, with a wonderful taste, which is not matched by others, and perhaps the most prominent characteristic of these fish is that they are fortified with fat, Which is concentrated in the abdomen, in particular, as it has distinctive white meat, but it suffers from some strangeness, regarding its nutrition, so it sometimes sees it accepts an appetite for food, and a hoop is exposed from it, and at times it is characterized by deception in the demand for it.


  • Five minced garlic cloves.
  • Two grains of chopped green peppers.
  • A tablespoon of table salt.
  • Juice of four lemons.
  • Two tablespoons of fish spices.
  • A tablespoon of dried coriander.
  • Only a quarter spoon of fine cumin.
How to work tadpole fish
How to work tadpole fish

How to prepare

  • A kilo of Shragish fish is prepared.
  • The belly of the fish is opened and cleaned well.
  • It is preferable to remove the scales, permeating the fish from the outside.
  • The fish is washed, cleaned well.
  • Next, the fish is stuffed from the inside, with the previously prepared marinade.
  • Squeeze two large lemons on the fish on the outside.
  • Add two tablespoons of edible oil to the fish, and massage it from the outside, with lemon juice.

How to grill fish with oil and lemon

  • Distribute two tablespoons of edible oil in a nonstick, nonstick frying pan, and reheat well.
  • After the oil is heated up, place the two fennel tadpoles next to each other.
  • At first, shock the fish with the highest temperature.
  • Then, the flame is reduced, to a medium temperature.
  • The necessity of not turning the fish in the first place. In order not to be exposed to the puree, except with the redness and consistency of the side.
  • If the oil around the fish dries up, very little oil is supplied.
  • Stirring from time to time, until completely smoothed out.
  • Later, the fish is removed from the stove and transferred to a tray, or pot, with a tight lid.
  • After that, sprinkle a little, salted cumin.
  • Later, squeeze two large lemons on the fish on the outside.
  • After that, the fish is covered with a cap; To fully drink squeezed lemon, with salted cumin.


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