How to make seabream
How to make seabream

How to make seabream, fish is one of the best foods the human body has; This is because it contains many nutrients that are important to human health and safety.

All fish are considered multi-benefit seafood, something that should be taken into account for every woman is to make sure that fish is included as a main dish on the dining table.

Where many doctors around the world advise eating from one to two meals of fish during

one week, as for seabream, it is one of the best fish preferred by the majority of people.

In addition to containing many nutrients, it also tastes delicious and distinctive, and this

article is devoted to knowing how to make seabream with oil and lemon.

How to make seabream
How to make seabream


  • Ten grains of finely mashed garlic teeth.
  • Two full bream.
  • A tablespoon of cumin.
  • One grain of lemon, cut into thin slices.
  • 1 cup of fresh, finely chopped parsley.
  • A teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  • A small spoon of salt.
  • One grain of onion, cut into thin slices.
  • Half a cup of natural lemon juice.
  • A quarter cup of sunflower oil.

How to prepare

After the previous ingredients have been prepared, one must also learn how to prepare

seabream fish with oil and lemon, knowing that this recipe takes 30 to 40 minutes to

prepare, and in the following steps how to make seabream fish with oil and lemon:

  • First, the oven is heated to 180 ° C.
  • The fish is cleaned from both sides of the scales with a sharp knife, taking care to keep the head, after that slit its belly and clean the inside and outside with water well.
  • Then, the fish is filtered from the water well, and then the back of the fish is cut from both sides with diagonal lines and with a knife.
  • In each nostril slit in the fish, a slice of lemon is placed.
  • After that, chop the parsley and mix with lemon juice, salt, black pepper, sliced ​​onion, garlic, cumin, and oil, then mix all these ingredients well.
  • After that, the previous mixture is distributed over the fish from the inside and outside, and also inside the holes.
  • Arrange the fish in a tray, cover the tray with tin foil, and then place it in the oven for 20 minutes or until it becomes tender.
  • Finally, remove the foil paper from the tray and leave it for another 10 minutes until the fish acquires the desired color, and then it is served to the dining table with rice and salad.


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