How to make Mira fish for lunch
How to make Mira fish for lunch

How to make Mira fish for lunch, one of the types of fish common in the Mediterranean Sea, is concentrated in both oceans: Pacific and Indian, it is found mainly in the subtropics, after the gathering of gravel and coral reefs.

Mira fish are about forty centimeters in length, at their largest, but it is common to approach twenty five centimeters in most fish, and these fish mainly feed on young fish, shrimp, or shrimp, as well as crusty larvae, and it is really interesting about the Mira Dependence on them to catch senior fish species, as they are used as bait.

Information about the Mira fish

  • This fish is considered one of the most delicious and delicious seafood; Because of its distinctive and unique taste.
  • Myra is found floating in the seas, floating most of the time.
  • Myra fish weighs about a kilo, on average.
  • It is distinguished by its excellent speed and remarkable strength while moving in the water; Therefore, fishermen resort to pulling fish very quickly, while catching them. For easy escape and quick escape; The jog will be moving toward the clouds, which helps it to escape.

How to make Mira fish for lunch

How to make Mira fish for lunch
How to make Mira fish for lunch


  • Two medium-sized pieces of fresh Mira fish.
  • Two medium sized onions, cut into rings.
  • Seven cloves of minced garlic.
  • 2 green lemons, sliced.
  • Grated carrot.
  • Two medium tomatoes, sliced.
  • One large potato, cut into rings.
  • A large green pepper.
  • Fish spices.
  • Table salt.
  • latency.
  • Coriander, soft.
  • Three tablespoons of food oil.

How to prepare Mira fish for lunch

  • How to make Mira fish for lunch The belly of Mira fish is opened, and cleaned well.
  • Spices are combined with each other.
  • Mix garlic, half the amount of spices, oil, lemon, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and grated carrots.
  • Afterwards, the fish beads are placed in a suitable tray, massaging the rest of the spices well in it, and then placing the previous mixture, and distributing it well.
  • The tray is placed in a hot oven, on a low temperature, until fully cooked, and the fish is served hot, and served for lunch.

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