How to make fresh mango juice
How to make fresh mango juice

How to make fresh mango juice, Mango is one of the most popular fruits around the world because of its delicious and distinctive taste among many other fruits, as there are different types of them and they are originally grown in Southeast Asia, and India is one of the most countries Mango production, followed by China and Thailand, and mangoes have many benefits and different uses that a content site will present to you in this article.

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Mango benefits

  • It contains many vitamins, including vitamin A, which strengthens eyesight and maintains the integrity of the eye.
  • Mango reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, which prevents the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.
  • It facilitates digestion and relaxes the stomach.
  • Mango contains a percentage of collagen that maintains the freshness and luster of the skin and prevents the appearance of acne and exposure to aging diseases.
  • Has a great role in burning calories, which loss of appetite and reduces excess weight.
  • Mango helps reduce stress, anxiety, and exposure to severe depression.
  • Mango contains a high percentage of iron, which treats anemia.
  • Strengthens the nerves. It contains a small percentage of sugar and it is not forbidden to be taken by diabetics.

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How to make fresh mango juice

How to make fresh mango juice
How to make fresh mango juice


  • Three pieces of mango.
  • Three cups of water.
  • sugar as desired.
  • Ice cubes.

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How to prepare fresh mango

  • Wash the mangoes well, then peel them and remove the core in which they are located.
  • Take the bowl of the electric mixer and put the mango in it.
  • Add both water and sugar to the mango.
  • Run the blender on the ingredients and blend them together until they turn into fresh juice.
  • Bring serving glasses and pour fresh mango juice in them.
  • Put ice cubes in glasses of mango juice.
  • Decorate the cups with pieces of mango and serve.


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