How to make French coffee at home
How to make French coffee at home

How to make French coffee at home, coffee of all kinds is the favorite drink of many, especially in the morning, and French coffee is basically coffee with milkshakes served in a large cup, and its name may differ from one country to another, and the way French coffee is made with different additions and changes follow here More ways.

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How to make the original French coffee

French Coffee Ingredients:

  • ½ cup of milk.
  • ½ cup of water.
  • Two teaspoons of coffee.
  • Cocoa spoon.

Make French coffee at home

  • Put the milk and water in a pot on the stove, then let it come to a boil.
  • Then add the French coffee to it.
  • Add cocoa and mix all ingredients well over the heat until well combined.

How to make French coffee with Nescafe

Ingredients for making French coffee with Nescafe:

  • ½ cup water.
  • ½ cup milk.
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar, or as desired.
  • A teaspoon of cocoa.
  • ½ teaspoon Nescafe.

How to make French coffee with Nescafe:

  • To make, French coffee at home put the water in a saucepan, add the milk and leave it on medium heat until it begins to boil.
  • Add the coffee and sugar, reduce the temperature and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves.
  • Add the cocoa and the Nescafe, stir them until they are mixed together, and leave the mixture to boil over low heat for a few minutes.
  • Put the coffee in the coffee cups to serve.

How to make French coffee with milk

Ingredients for making French coffee with condensed milk:

  • ½ cup water.
  • A tablespoon and a half of instant coffee.
  • A tablespoon and a half of cocoa.
  • Tablespoon and a half of French coffee with hazelnuts.
  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk.
How to make French coffee at home
How to make French coffee at home

How to make French coffee with condensed milk:

  • In a saucepan, put the water, Nescafe, cocoa, and French coffee in a saucepan on the stove.
  • Stir the ingredients well over low heat until melted.
  • Add sweetened condensed milk and mix again.

French coffee benefits

French coffee for a healthy body:

Nervous system health:

  • French coffee contains a lot of nutrients, which are used in the long term to reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease and symptoms of dementia.
  • This is due to the presence of antioxidants, which protect you from other neurological diseases.

Health for the cardiovascular system:

  • French coffee deposits antioxidants and nutrients in the cardiovascular system, and these minerals and other components help strengthen the muscles in the cardiovascular system and make their work very relaxing and powerful.
  • Moreover, it promotes the growth of muscle fibers in the system and makes it healthy and full of vital neurons.

Coffee increases focus and memory.

  • The antioxidants in French coffee make the brain more powerful and increase the percentage of oxygen in the brain, which helps increase human concentration.
  • These nutrients also play an important role in increasing memory and clarity of mind as well as helping to protect the mind from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

French coffee features

In the following lines, we will mention the advantages of French coffee:

Keep the coffee oil in the coffee

  • Fresh French coffee is made using a special French Press coffee machine which allows direct contact of water with the coffee beans and leaves as well.
  • And when there is no use of the filter we can produce coffee that contains a lot of coffee oil, this coffee oil is generally wasted because of the coffee filters used.
  • Coffee oil has many benefits for the body, skin, and hair, and this is what makes coffee very beneficial as well.
  • French coffee is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, the reason behind this is that these minerals and nutrients are infused into the coffee with the oils.
  • Rich in antioxidant nutrients, in the long run, this coffee helps in maintaining a healthy mind.

It has a unique flavor

  • French coffee is the most natural type among the rest, and the coffee flavor is best for those who like raw coffee.
  • You can get delicious flavors with relatively less coffee.
  • Coffee made by other means comes through bleached filters, so a large amount of coffee beans is wasted and its flavor is lost.


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