How to make easy desserts at home
How to make easy desserts at home

How to make easy desserts at home, every working woman tries as much as possible to provide time for her children to be happy.

Easy desserts at home

Finding a way to make quick desserts at home is not difficult. In a few minutes, you can prepare a quick dessert dish in an innovative way.

Gives her more time to bring a feeling of happiness to her and her children, as it is a golden opportunity that you can Use it to perfection.

During the family sitting at home, everyone’s requests abound from the mother to make sweets, and from here we offer you an easy and fast way to make sweets that do not need a long time in preparing them and their simple ingredients.

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How to make easy desserts at home
How to make easy desserts at home

Rice with milk

Rice with milk is one of the 100% Egyptian fast desserts, as all its ingredients are permanently present at home and you will only need a cup of rice, a cup of milk, a cup and a half of sugar, three spoons of cream, and their representative is starch, a bag of vanilla, a liter of water, and some nuts.

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How to make rice with milk

  • Put a liter of water on the fire until it boils, then wash the rice and put it in the water on the fire and leave it until it is completely cooked and pure and reaches a state of melting.
  • Add milk, sugar, vanilla, cream and thaw them a lot until the sugar granules are gone.
  • Dissolve the starch in a cup of cold water, then add it gradually while completely stirring all the ingredients until the contents thicken and mix well.
  • After that, remove it from the heat and pour it into bowls or small serving dishes and leave it until it cools, then put some nuts on it as your children wish and be happy with the sweetest rice dish.


Dumplings is also a very Egyptian dessert, and children and adults love it. It does not need many ingredients.

Dumpling ingredients

Two cups of flour, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of starch, a teaspoon of instant yeast, a tablespoon of sugar, two cups of water, a teaspoon of vanilla, frying oil, and sweets syrup.


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