How to make desserts for diabetics at home
How to make desserts for diabetics at home

How to make desserts for diabetics at home, Diabetics avoid sweets, fearing it will cause them to rise in blood sugar levels, but some nutrition experts have authorized eating certain types of it.

Apple pie

The traditional apple pie comes at the top of the list because it contains healthy ingredients.

And nutrition experts recommend replacing white sugar, with coconut sugar, which is extracted from the coconut fruit.

Coconut sugar is one of the natural alternatives to white sugar, in addition to its positive role in controlling high blood sugar and reducing it to the normal range.

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Pumpkin cheesecake mousse

The pumpkin or pumpkin cheesecake mousse recipe is characterized by the fact that all its contents are low in carbs.

And nutrition experts recommend using low-fat cheese or used in the (keto diet), with the use of the cream with light carbohydrates.

The light cream can be obtained after whipping the heavy cream, then extracting vanilla from it with the addition of natural sweeteners.

Placing all the ingredients in a bag, and pouring it into the cup, To obtain this staging.

How to make desserts for diabetics at home
How to make desserts for diabetics at home

Chocolate keto brownies

A diabetic may crave chocolate if he is a fan of it, and a diabetic can eat sugar-free chocolate and artificial sweeteners after adding it to the “cake” dough and then putting it into the oven and roasting it, This recipe has a delicious flavor and does not contain high amounts of sugar.

Crunchy apple dessert

The crunchy apple dessert is low in calories and low in carbohydrates, as half a cup of it contains 145 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates.

And cinnamon and oats are also included in the preparation of the crunchy apple dessert because they contain many healthy nutrients with low calories.

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Low-carb cheesecake can be prepared for diabetics, but by using almond flour with the addition of unsweetened coconut and natural sugar substitutes to sweeten the low-calorie cream cheese, and it can be made at home.


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