How to make dessert candles
How to make dessert candles

How to make dessert candles, today we offer you how to make candle ornaments, which is one of the famous recipes. You can master this recipe from easy desserts as it is also characterized by being quick to prepare, and you may also be interested in reading how to prepare candle ornaments in practice.

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  • 1 cup of roasted milk powder.
  • ½ cup of toasted semolina.
  • 1 packet of cream, 3 eggs.
  • ¾ cup of sugar envelope baking powder.
  • ½ cup of oil.
  • 2 yogurt boxes.
  • 3 cups of sugar.
  • 7 cups of milk powder for garnish.

How to prepare candies wax

 1. Oven fever.

2. Mix all the ingredients of the first layer together and beat it with an electric or hand paddle.

3. In a greased butter tray, pour the mixture.

4. Put it in the oven until it is completely done.

5. Mix all the ingredients for the second layer together.

6. After the first layer is cooked in the oven, pour the previous mixture into the tray.

7. Put the tray again in the oven until it cures for two minutes.

8. Bring plastic bottle caps and put them on the top layer.

9. Sift cocoa on the face.

10. Lift the caps gently.

11. Before serving, remove the caps.

12. In the middle, put the cloves.

13. Cut the cake into triangles or circles.

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How to prepare candles ornaments

How to make dessert candles
How to make dessert candles


  • Two cups of roasted dry milk with a tablespoon of baking powder.
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • A quarter cup of oil
  • Sour tray
  • 3 eggs with a teaspoon of vanilla
  • We mix all ingredients for the first layer.
  • And put it in the oven with the ignition of the oven from the bottom and leave it until it is cooked.

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How to prepare candle jewelry

  • In a blender put a cup of yogurt, a cup of dry milk, half a cup of sugar, and four grains of Keri cheese.
  • Pour all the ingredients into the tray and put them in the oven to solidify and just bind together and take them out.
  • We stack the water caps on the surface, and stack them upside down, neatly.
  • In the sieve, place cocoa and sprinkle it on the face evenly, and then gently pick the lids.
  • And we insert tea leaves like a wick to give the appearance of a candle.


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