French recipes for dinner online
French recipes for dinner online

French recipes for dinner for beginners, French cuisine is known globally as one of the foods with sophistication and unique taste, where traditional French dishes are based on easy ingredients with natural flavors., Get to know with us the best famous dishes in France.

French recipes for dinner for beginners

The French onion soup

  1. One of the most famous dishes in France.
  2. This traditional French soup is made with onions and meat broth.
  3. It is often eaten with toast and melted cheese on top.
  4. The origin of this soup goes back to the Romans, and it was considered one of the foods of the poor Such as How to cook cauliflower in Oven.
  5. The current dish has its origins in the 18th century, and sautéed and caramelized onions give it a sweet, savory flavour, which is slow-cooked.
  6. Meat broth or water is often added, and milk, eggs or flour are added to make the soup thick.

Coco Oven

One of the most famous dishes in France. The fame of this French dish came from the books and television programs presented by the well-known chef “Julia Child”, which is one of her signature dishes.

This dish includes slow-cooked chicken with mushrooms, bacon, onions and garlic. And the name of the dish is translated as “braised rooster”. Where chicken is often used in this dish. This dish is prepared in a number of different ways according to the region.


Cassoulet is one of the most delicious dishes that many people like to eat. It consists of white beans slowly cooked with meat, duck, sausage, lamb or any other type of meat.

The origin of this food goes back to the peasants from southern France, and it is known in many cities, including Toulouse and the French city of Carcassonne. The name of the dish is also taken from the word cassole, which means “bowl”. It is prepared in which it often takes the shape of an inverted cone to form a delicious crunchy crust. It is one of the hearty dishes that are well suited to the cold winter months.

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French recipes for dinner online

Beef dish

It is one of the famous dishes in France and is also world famous. It has its origins in eastern France and is very similar to Coq au vin Such as Cooking tips to help you prepare food.

The dish is a soup of beef slowly cooked in grape juice and meat broth and seasoned with garlic. Small onions next to fresh herbs and mushrooms.

This dish is an example of an easy traditional peasant dish. To be a fine French food. The slow-cooking method of grape juice was used to soften tough and cheap cuts of meat. It takes about 48 hours to cook the meat with this traditional recipe to give the soup more flavor.


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