French dessert recipes for beginners
French dessert recipes for beginners

French dessert recipes for beginners, the ways to make French desertion are easy and fast, multiple, many, and different. The French desertion is distinguished by the French cuisine, for the beauty of baked goods, for its delicious recipes, and it is also famous for its sweets in particular, and the occasions in most countries of the world are filled with French dishes and desserts, and the most famous desserts are numerous. French desertion recipes for beginners can be made easy by following.

French dessert recipes for beginners

In the following lines, we will mention:

Chocolates mousse

How to prepare the chocolates mousse is as follows:


  1. Two packages of encapsulated Chantilly creams and the loose types can be used recipe.
  2. But the coated cream always gives a better result.
  3. Ice water, the taste is richer, it can be replaced with frozen milk recipe such as New and easy food recipes for beginners.
  4. A mold of chocolates for decorating and making sweets, called raw chocolates recipes.
  5. Chocolate colors.

How to make French dessert’s recipes for beginners

  1. Add the frozen milk to the Chantilly recipe cream in a deep bowl, and beat with the electric mixer at high speed, until the desired density of the creams is obtained.
  2. Sweets are formed in several different shapes according to french recipe taste using a candy bag, after melting the raw chocolate in a steam bath, then added and then decorated with colored chocolate.
French dessert recipes for beginners
French dessert recipes for beginners

Quick French desserts for beginners

  1. French cuisine is famous for its various sweets, and dessert recipes from French cuisine vary, and the French Clafouti french recipe is famous for the beauty of its taste.
  2. And eat it with coffee and hot drinks, and cherry clafouti is the most famous type of clafouti ever such as Easy and delicious food recipes for kids.
  3. There are many ways to make clafouti with various fruits, recipe crème it is one of the distinct French desserts, and this is the way to recipe clafouti with mango.
  4. classic basic cake pastry tarte tatin easiest apple brulee france cookies tart traditional classic creme baking macarons in apr crème Aug and mar – Sep – Jul choux puffs home clafoutis classic basic cake pastry.


  1. One hundred and twenty grams of flour.
  2. One hundred and fifty grams of sugar.
  3. Three grains of eggs.
  4. A third of a liter of liquid milk.
  5. A quarter of a kilo of sliced ​​mango slices.

How to making French dessert recipe for beginners

  1. Grease the oven tray with butter, sprinkle with flour, and distribute the mango slices on the bottom of the mold.
  2. Mix eggs with sugar and milk, gradually adding flour to the mixture.
  3. Continue stirring and mixing the ingredients until they are mixed, and pour into the mold on the mango slices.
  4. Place the clafouti in the oven at La De a medium temperature for forty minutes, until fully cooked, and serve.
  5. Sweet desserts from the best Frenches dessert recipe for beginners such as How to prepare food recipes for beginners.


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