French breakfast recipes for beginners
French breakfast recipes for beginners

French breakfast recipes for beginners Where French cuisine is famous for its heritage and unique dishes prepared from the finest ingredients, the most outstanding meal on the French menu is the breakfast that includes delicious food with a sweet taste.

French breakfast

The French breakfast differs from the rest of the European and American countries with its relatively light food.

Do not expect, for example, on a French breakfast table any type of meat such as sausage, turkey and bacon.

Solo today and make a perfect French morning breakfast and enjoy!

French breakfast recipes for beginners

In the following lines, we will mention French breakfast recipes for beginners:

Baguettes or croissants?

In the morning, the French usually eat the “traditional bread” or what is known as the French baguette with butter or jam in its various flavors such as strawberry jam.

Some may replace baguettes with croissants or with chocolate bread Such as How to cook cauliflower in Oven.

It is worth noting that the way French croissants work is different from the common methods in the world.

According to tradition, croissants are made with butter only! Brush croissants like French croissants with butter or jam, or dip them in milk or coffee.

French breakfast recipes for beginners
French breakfast recipes for beginners

French toast

Replace the baguettes and croissants with French toast.

But know that you can also serve it as a dessert to your guests. It’s easy to make and very tasty.

It is enough to dip the toast pieces in the mixture of milk, eggs and vanilla, then fry them in butter Such as French recipes for Lunch for Beginners.

For a complete and filling meal in the morning, try the recipe for French toast with bananas and peanut butter.

French drinks

The French prefer to drink black coffee in the morning.

You can prepare French coffee and serve the famous Madeleine biscuits or French Finnish desserts.

If you want to serve French-style drinks to your children, you can prepare either hot chocolate or orange juice.

Fruits and yogurt

French breakfast recipes for beginners is considered an unbalanced meal because it contains many carbohydrates.

If you are on a diet, replace the baked goods with fruits and milk.

That’s what the French do! They create nutritional balance by including yoghurt and fruits in breakfast.


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