Down Perfect white feather & down pillow review
Down Perfect white feather & down pillow review

Down Perfect white feather & down pillow review, you are steps away from getting restful and natural sleep, the duck feather pillow for better comfort for you and your family is sure.

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Specifications of Perfect white feather & down pillow review

  • The outer face is made of 100% natural cotton.
  • The inner filling is a mixture of oversized Duck Feather 10% and Duck Down 90% soft feathers.
  • This pillow is very soft Such as White goose feather duvet review.
  • All-natural feather products do not cause perspiration at all and maintain the highest levels of natural ventilation while you sleep.

The use

  • If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, and want a pillow that is very soft, and at a low height where you sink in comfort, you need this pillow.
  • Density: very soft.
  • Softness level: 10 out of 10.

Sizes Perfect white feather & down pillow review

  • Double – two: 90 x 50 cm, 780 grams, natural feathers.
  • Large single – two and a half: 75 x 50 cm 650 g of natural feathers.

Instructions for use of Perfect white feather & down pillow review

  • The feather pillow is 100% natural and does not contain any substances that help hold the inner filling together.
  • Therefore, the distribution of the inner filling may differ during sleep.
  • All you have to do is hold the pillow from one side, point it down, and then manually redistribute the inner filling.

Pillow Washing Instructions

  • This pillow is washed exclusively with dry washing technology, it is not allowed to be exposed to water at all.
  • Natural feathers are very sensitive, and may rot if exposed to water.
  • We recommend that you buy a natural feather pillow insulator to keep your feather pillow clean for a longer time, available in our sleeping pillows section.
  • It is not allowed to add chlorine during washing.
  • The addition of chemical solvents is not allowed.

Feather pillow purchase instructions

  • We recommend that you read the specifications of each type before purchasing to ensure you get the right pillow for you.
  • Perfect white feather & down pillow review There are several types of natural feather pillows, varying according to the number of feathers, and the degree of softness.
  • All-natural feather sleeping pillows available at the Perfect white feather & down pillow review are absolutely hypoallergenic.
  • That’s because we’ve added two outer layers, made of natural cotton, that prevent soft feathers from seeping out.
  • The feathers used to make the natural feather pillows at Perfect white feather & down pillow review are a mixture of two types.
  • Type 1: Large Duck Feather feathers are extracted from the wing and back of the duck, and the tips are clipped, to ensure they do not disturb you while you sleep.
  • Type 2: Duck Down Feathers are the softest feathers in the world.
  • We care about animal rights first, so we have a European certificate that proves that these animals were not killed in order to get feathers from them, and feathers were not obtained from them while they were alive.
  • The feathers used in the manufacture of natural feather pillows are from duck animal sources.
Down Perfect white feather & down pillow review
Down Perfect white feather & down pillow review

How to prepare pillows for cleaning?

  • Determine which bird feathers your pillow is filled with.
  • If this is chicken feathers, then the product can be safely discarded. Alternatively.
  • Take the pillow to a specialized workshop and order a dry cleaning, warning that the pillow is full of chicken feathers.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wash chicken feathers.
  • The bottom of this bird does not tolerate moisture, dries very poorly, and in the process of sanitary processing, it can simply turn into dust.
  • Only waterfowl feathers can be washed.
  • Sew some covers to wash the feathers. For one standard size medium pillow, you will need at least 5 bags.
  • For sewing, you can use any thin cotton fabric, chintz, teak. Old pillows, tulle, or pillowcases will also work.

Cleaning methods

  • Many housewives do not even think about the health risks that a dirty feather inside a pillowcase poses.
  • Bed care is limited to a change of pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers, which is not enough.
  • To prevent disease, feather pillows should be cleaned regularly.
  • The frequency of general processing of inferior products is 1-2 times a year.
  • Frequent cleaning will damage the feathers and shorten the life of the product.
  • The procedure for treating a pillowcase at home is quite difficult but possible.
  • Washing an expired pillow is not recommended.
  • You will not achieve the desired effect, just get rid of a little dust.
  • In addition, you will encounter difficulties when the product dries completely.
  • In order for the washing process to go well, you must first prepare for it.

How to take care of a duck feather pillow?

  • Most women prefer not to waste time and energy washing hands and using an automatic machine.
  • You cannot wash the feather pillow and feathers completely.
  • The filling will crumble into a single lump.
  • In addition, the dry pad weighs about 5 kilograms.
  • After the water is absorbed, it will turn into a “training” weight, which not every washing machine can handle.
  • Washing pillows swan washing machine is possible if certain conditions are met.
  • Delicate mode or hand wash mode.
  • If a ‘down’ or ‘quilt’ position is provided in the automatic machine, we expose it.
  • We collect a temperature of no more than 40 degrees, preferably 30.


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