Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

Cooking tips to help you prepare food, the kitchen remains one of the challenges that face every girl who is about to get married or who is newlywed, as every girl seeks to enter this world full of secrets so that their dishes gain the delicious flavor.

Cooking tips to help you prepare food

1- If the food starts to burn, change the pot directly and leave the food at the bottom of the pot, then put a whole slice of bread on it, as it absorbs the taste and smell.

2- If the food is salty while it is still on the stove, you can peel an onion or potato, cut it into large cubes, and plant it in the saucepan, and when serving, remove the excess salt.

3- How to decorate the dish with radish: Slice the radish lengthwise with a knife just before its base, then soak in cold water for half an hour, then it will swell in the shape of a rose.

Tip Cooking

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Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

4- If you increase the number of spices in the food, you can add some yogurt, as it helps to weaken the sharpness of the spices.

5- How to boil cracked eggs: You can wrap them in aluminum foil “tin” and then drop them in boiling water. If the eggs are intact from cracks, then they are placed in lukewarm water when boiling so that it does not crack.

6- So that your eyes do not get tearful: Put the onions in a pot of water before cleaning them for half an hour, so that your eyes do not tear when cutting them or put them in the freezer for half an hour.

Food safety for cooking

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7- To get rid of food sticking to the pots: To get rid of foods remnants sticking to the pots without much effort, you can soak them in hot water with a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate added to its tips and tricks, food safety at home, well-stocked.

8- Do not poison your family members: Be sure to change the dishwashing loofah from time to time, because bacteria quickly accumulate between their strings when used for a long time.

Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

9- To extinguish the burning oil: If the oil is exposed to ignition, cover the pan completely with a lid or a towel to prevent air from entering it, or salt is scattered over it and it will be extinguished, Allah willing.

Heat cooks

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10. Table salt helps:

Remove the sticky dough in the place where you spread it. You just have to sprinkle a little salt on it, as it helps to remove it quickly.

Salt removes the smell of garlic and onions from your hands.

11- To reduce the smell of fish when frying it, the pan should be covered when you put the fish in it. Open the suction fan and windows and place an un-fired piece of charcoal on the oven next to the pan so that the fish smell is absorbed.

12- The best way to wash dishes: is to leave them to dry with air after washing them. It is a mistake to leave it soaked in water inside the sink, then wash it with the same water or dry it with a towel.

13- The temperature of the refrigerator should be 5 degrees Celsius, as it is the appropriate degree that prevents the growth and reproduction of many microbes.

14- To get the most amount of lemon juice. Put it in warm water shortly before use, then press it with your hand on a hard surface, then squeeze it.

15 – Cleaning the plates used for cutting foods: Care must be taken to clean them with hot soapy water, and then disinfect them with a disinfectant question is necessary. You should also not use these plates to cut other foods after they are used in cutting meat, fish, and poultry.


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