Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

Cooking tips to help you prepare food, With a fast lifestyle and a long time at work, cooking and preparing homemade meals becomes very challenging.

Cooking for many of us takes a long time, and only our mothers who can do everything at once can do it.

This is not true, you can prepare easy and quick meals with a little planning and careful preparation.

And you should know that cooking at home helps you put out negative energy, and provides you with the nutrients that your body needs, instead of relying on that fast food that we eat in restaurants.

It is also much more economical, which is why we offer you cooking tips to help you prepare food faster.

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Cooking tips to help you prepare food

1-Arrange your thoughts first

Arrange your thoughts about the recipes that you will prepare, think of difficult recipes first and prepare all of their ingredients next to you, and you can rely on ready-made sauces, for example, if you want to shorten the time.

The few minutes in which you bring your thoughts can help you create a mental plan for what you should do, save time spent thinking about ingredients and steps, and help keep a step from being forgotten.

Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

2- Prepare your tools before starting

This is one of the tip that English chef Jimmy Oliver never gets tired of saying in his programs about preparing fast food, you must prepare all the tools near you before starting the recipe.

If you are preparing pasta with minced meat, bring a large boiling bowl, and bring the blender to make tomato sauce, and a frying pan for stewing the meat, even if you are about to cook anything in the oven.

Turn on the oven before you start preparing food to be hot when you place the tray in it, which will speed up the cooking process. Also, bring all the ingredients to be in front of you, for example, pasta, garlic, onions, tomatoes, spices, and ground meat, and get ready to make the dish.

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3- Rely on previously boiled water

An electric kettle or (Alcatel) is ideal for cooking food quickly, put a large amount of water in it and bring it to a boil then use this water in preparing your recipes, such as adding it to a bowl on the stove and then boiling the pasta in it, you do not need to wait more than 10 minutes for the water to boil Alcatel, in minutes, will solve it.

4- Cleaning and chopping makes it easy

Cleaning the ingredients and cutting them all before starting, makes cooking a lot easier, and you only need to mix the ingredients together, this is exactly what happens in the cooked programs on television and the Internet, so you find that they mixed the ingredients in a few minutes and quickly got a delicious meal.

The secret is in the pre-preparation of the ingredients. Start by washing the vegetables

and cutting them as you want, then enjoy the process of adding the ingredients together

to make your warm and delicious meal after a while.

Cooking tips to help you prepare food
Cooking tips to help you prepare food

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5- Grate the ingredients and cut them smaller

In many baking recipes, the instructions say to use soft butter at room temperature. If

you do not have time for this, you can grate the butter cube into small pieces, which will

help it become smooth and soft in less time.

Cooking methods

The trick to chopping the food smaller makes it cook faster, for example, if you want to

prepare mashed potatoes, cut the potatoes into small cubes and then put them in a pot

over the fire of boiling water from the electric kettle, and in a few minutes, the potatoes

will be cooked and then add spices, butter, and a little milk to become the best puree

Potatoes. Use this trick on meat as well as poultry when cook, it’s very effective.


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